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Company History
In February 2018, judy.legal was started as a capstone project by two Nigerians and one Ghanaiain at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in Accra, Ghana. Our extensive market research in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa further validated the problem we’d identified: legal research is cumbersome. From this moment, the co-founders set out to build a better search engine for case law atop the most comprehensive database of common law case judgments.

Judy Innovative Technologies Limited (“JUDY”) RC: 1530865 registered as a Nigerian Private Limited Company on October 11, 2018. In January of 2019, JUDY received a seed investment from the Switzerland-based Meltwater Foundation.

One-third of the world's population lives in a common law country. This means judgments from 80 countries can be used to persuasively argue one's case in a court of law. However, this wealth of information has not been harnessed to its full potential by the tools currently available.

This problem is further magnified in the African common law countries, whereby many relevant case judgments have not been digitized, exist in silos, or exist as ‘dumb’ databases with limited search and discovery capabilities. As a result, legal research takes a long time and lawyers often spend several days looking for precedent.

Our mission is to support the legal profession and the administration of justice by providing a law reporting service in a convenient form and at a moderate price.

To be the most comprehensive, most utilized database of case judgments in the world.

Core Values
Public benefit - we support the proper administration of justice. Commitment – we serve the legal profession, fostering the education and training of all legal professionals. Accessibility – we source and deliver case judgments with corresponding insights electronically to every internet connected device. Trust – we deliver the highest standards of accurate and authoritative law reporting