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Godwin Lawrence v. Rock View Hotel Festac & ors.

(2020) JELR 87525 (NICN)

National Industrial Court of Nigeria  •  NICN/LA/216/2018  •  5 Jun 2020  •  Nigeria

Hon. Justice I. J. Essien


ESSIEN J (DELIVERING THE JUDGMENT): By a complaint dated and filed on the 4/4/2018, the claimant sought the following reliefs from this court:-

  1. A DECLARATION that the defendants were negligent and ought to have regularly serviced the Machine in issue, particularly, after the receipt of complaints from the claimant and other Staff on the state of the Machine, the gas cooker and slippery nature of the floor in the kitchen. The claimant is entitled to compensation for the loss of his 3rd, 4th and 5th distal phalanges.
  2. A DECLARATION that the incident where the machine chopped off the 3 fingers from the right hand of the claimant was avoidable, and that it happened as a result of the negligence of the defendants as stated above, and that the incident has drastically reduced the prospects and ability for the claimant to be gainfully employed or privately engaged by himself to earn income or work to make profit.
  3. AN ORDER directing the defendants to pay to the claimant the sum of ₦100,000,00k (…

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