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New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd v. Peter Mwanthi Mwau

(2012) JELR 98467 (CA)

Court of Appeal  •  Civil Application 226 of 2011(UR.145/2011)  •  3 Feb 2012  •  Kenya

Alnashir Ramazanali Magan Visram


IN THE COURT OF APPEAL AT NAIROBI (CORAM: VISRAM, J.A (IN CHAMBERS) CIVIL APPLICATION NO. NAI. 226 OF 2011 (UR.145/2011) BETWEEN NEW KENYA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERIES LTD ........... APPLICANT AND PETER MWANTHI MWAU ..................................... RESPONDENT (An application for leave to file and serve a notice of appeal and record of appeal out of time from the Ruling and Order of the Industrial Court of Kenya at Nairobi (P. K. Kosgei, J) dated 21st July, 2011 in Cause No. 1267 of 2010) *************** RULING This is an application under Rule 4 of the Court of Appeal Rules for extension of time to file a notice of appeal, and record of appeal, from the ruling and order of the Industrial Court (P. K. Kosgei, J.) dated 21st July, 2011. The application is supported by two affidavits, one sworn by Milcah Mugo on 21st September, 2011, and another sworn by Marion Karanja, learned counsel for the applicant, also sworn on 21st September, 2011.

The ruling in the case before the Industrial Cou…

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