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Okiya Omtatah Okoiti v. Central Bank of Kenya, De La Rue International Limited, De La Rue Currency & Security Print Limited, De La Rue Kenya Epz Limited, Public Procurement Review Authority, Attorney General,Diretor of Public Prosecutions & Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission

(2019) JELR 95298 (SC)

Supreme Court  •  Application 32 of 2018  •  23 Jul 2019  •  Kenya

Isaac Lenaola, Mohammed Khadhar Ibrahim, Philomena Mbete Mwilu, Smokin C Wanjala, Susanna Njoki Ndungu




[1] Before this Court is a Notice of Motion Application dated 15th November, 2018 supported by an affidavit of Okiya Omtatah Okoiti, the Applicant. The Motion is seeking the following orders:

i. ...

ii. That this Court be pleased to exend time for filing both the petition of appeal, record of appeal, and a supplementary record of appeal so that they can be considered as having been filed within the stipulated time;

iii. That the costs of the application be provided.

[2] The Application was triggered by a Judgment of the Court of Appeal dated 12th October, 2018 that set aside the Judgment of the High Court. The Applicant, who was the Petitioner in the High Court, failed to file his appeal to this Court, on time, hence the instant application.


[3] The 1st Respondent (Central Bank of Kenya), pursuant to Article 232 of the Constitution, commenced the procurement of design of currency banknotes in 2014 by advertising the prequalification of supplieā€¦

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