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(1971) JELR 64710 (HC)

High Court  •  17 Mar 1971  •  Ghana



HAYFRON-BENJAMIN J.: This is an appeal from the conviction and sentence of the accused by the District Magistrate, sitting at James Town Mantse We, Accra, on 10 July 1970. The accused was charged under section 4 (1) of the Control of Prices Act, 1962 (Act 113), with selling above the control price. The prosecution’s case is that a petty trader by the name of Joseph Mensah went to the shop of the accused and bought one carton of sugar and one case of sardines from Catherine Tetteh who was then keeping the shop in the absence of the accused. When he came out of the shop with these goods he was met by a plain clothes policeman who asked him where he bought the goods and at what price. He informed this policeman who took him to the shop of the accused. There Catherine Tetteh confirmed that she sold the sardines at N¢11.80 and the sugar at N¢6.20. The policeman then disclosed his identity to her and threatened to arrest her. Meanwhile the accused came to the shop, claimed ownership of the …

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