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Patrick Jeremy Nyaga v. Joyce Muthoni Justus

(2019) JELR 93997 (CA)

Court of Appeal  •  Civil Application 42 of 2019 (UR 31/19)  •  8 Nov 2019  •  Kenya

Martha Karambu Koome, Hannah Magondi Okwengu, Sankale ole Kantai



1. In a Ruling delivered on 14th February, 2019 by Limo, J. which Patrick Jeremy Nyaga (applicant) intends to appeal against, the estate of the late Lotham Njagi Njagara (deceased) was ordered to be distributed by Joyce Muthoni Justus (respondent). This was according to her proposed mode of distribution which she had proposed in her application seeking confirmation of grant. The court had appointed the respondent as the administratix of the deceased estate. The only property comprising the estate of the deceased which is the centre of the dispute is Title No Mwimbi/Murungi/118 (suit land) which the court directed be shared among the dependants of the deceased namely: -

1. Joyce Muthoni Justus

2. Harriet Ukima Murithi

3. Gatakaa Tirus

2. Dissatisfied with the aforesaid Ruling, the applicant filed a Notice of Appeal on 13th March, 2019 intimating his intention to appeal against the whole of the said Ruling. Subsequently on the 11th April, 2019 he filed the instant notice …

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