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(2016) JELR 107654 (HC)

High Court  •  SUIT NO.: GJ 246/2015  •  30 Aug 2016  •  Ghana



J U D G M E N T 

On the 18th December 2015, the Plaintiff caused a writ of summons  together with a statement of claim against the Defendants for the following  reliefs: 

1) A declaration that 2nd Defendant election of 1st defendant to  contest the parliamentary primaries of the Okaikoi South  constituency is in contravention of 2nd Defendants rules and  regulations regulating the conduct of such elections. 

2) Declaration that by the reason of the false declaration made by the  1st defendant in his nomination form for the contest of the  parliamentary primaries in the Okaikoi South constituency in 2011.  1st defendant is also disqualified from contesting 2nd Defendant’s parliamentary primaries for the 2016 parliamentary elections. 

3) A declaration that by reason of 1) and 2) above or either of them,  1st Defendant purported election by 2nd Defendant as 2nd Defendant’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Okaikoi South  constituency is null, void and is of no effect. 

4) An order of perpetual …

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