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Hotel Proprietors Act, 1957 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The twentieth


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

Hotel Proprietors Act, 1957

  • Assented to on 28 September 1957
  • Commenced on 5 October 1957

1. Short Title

This Act may be cited as the Hotel Proprietors Act, 1957.

2. Interpretation

(1)In this Act, the expression "hotel" means an establishment held out by the proprietor as offering food, drink and, if so required, sleeping accommodation without special contract, to any traveller presenting himself who appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received. Such an establishment shall, and any other establishment shall not, be deemed to be an inn.


(2)The Interpretation Ordinance shall apply for the interpretation of this Act as it applies for the interpretation of an Ordinance.

3. Liabilities and Rights of Hotel Proprietors as Innkeepers

(1)The duties, liabilities and rights which immediately before the commencement of this Act by law…

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