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Bills of Lading Act, 1961 🇬🇭

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The forty-second


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

Bills of Lading Act, 1961

  • Assented to on 16 March 1961
  • Commencement date unknown
AN ACT to consolidate with minor amendments the law relating to bills of lading and to provide for related matters.BE IT ENACTED by the President and the National Assembly in this present Parliament assembled as follows:

Application of Hague Rules

1. Application of Rules in Schedule

Subject to this Act, the Rules contained in articles 1 to 8 of the Convention which are set out in the Schedule shall have effect in relation to and in connection with the carriage of goods by sea in ships carrying goods from a port in the Republic to any other port whether in or outside the Republic.

2. Rules included in bills of lading

A bill of lading or similar document of title issued in the Republic which contains or is evidence of a contract to which the Rules apply shall contain an express statement that it is to have effect subject to the R…

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