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District Assembly Elections Act, 1994 šŸ‡¬šŸ‡­

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The four hundred and seventy-third


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

District Assembly Elections Act, 1994

  • Published by Government Gazette on (exact date unavailable)
  • Assented to on 14 February 1994
  • Commenced on (exact date unavailable)
AN ACT to provide for District Assembly Elections in accordance with the 1992 Constitution, and for related matters.

1. District Assembly elections

Election to a District Assembly shall be held every four years except that District Assembly elections shall be held at least six months apart from parliamentary elections.

2. Organisation of the elections

District Assembly elections shall be organised by the Electoral Commission.

3. Candidates to stand as individuals

(1)A candidate seeking election to a District Assembly or a lower local government unit(a)shall not present himself or herself to the electorate otherwise than as an individual,(b)shall not use a platform which has not been mounted by the Commission for promoting or cā€¦

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