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Non Banking Financial Institution Act, 2008 šŸ‡¬šŸ‡­

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The seven hundred and seventy-fourth


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

Non Banking Financial Institution Act, 2008

  • Published by Government Gazette on 9 January 2009
  • Assented to on 23 December 2008
  • Commenced on 9 January 2009
An Act to provide for the regulation of non-bank financial institutions and for related purposes.ENACTED by the President and Parliament:

Application and licensing

1. Application of this Act

This Act applies to non-bank institutions and non-bank financial services as set out in the First Schedule to this Act, but does not apply to(a)operators of micro finance services with risk assets which are not more than the amounts prescribed by the Bank of Ghana and whose sources of funds do not include deposits from the public; and(b)any other institution or person as the Bank may specify by Notice pubished in the Gazette.

2. Licence required for Non-Bank Financial Services

(1)A person shall not provide any of the services specified in the First Sā€¦

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