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Rivers Act, 1903 🇬🇭

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The two hundred and twenty-sixth


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

Rivers Act, 1903

  • Assented to on 4 February 1903
  • Commenced on 4 February 1903
AN ACT to regulate the use of certain rivers and to provide for related matters.


1. Rivers

(1)The President may, by Legislative Instrument, add to the rivers specified in the First Schedule the name of any other running water.
(2)An addition shall not form part of the First Schedule until the requirements of clause (7) of article II of the Constitution have been complied with.

2. Extent of rivers

(1)The President may, by Legislative Instrument, define the extent of a river to which this Act applies.
(2)A part of a river outside the portion defined under subsection (1) is not a river for the purposes of this Act.


3. Dredging in river to be licensed

(1)A person shall not dredge in a river without a licence from the Minister.
(2)The licence shall be in one of the forms set out in the Second Schedule.

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