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Chieftaincy (National House of Chiefs) Election Rules, 1972 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ญ

L.I. 746

Chieftaincy (National House of Chiefs) Election Rules, 1972

  • Published in Government Gazette on 9 June 1972
  • Assented to on 2 June 1972
  • Commenced on 9 June 1972
  • [Up to date as at 9 June 1972]
  • [Note: The original publication document is not available and this content could not be verified.]
IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Electoral Commissioner by subsection (12) of section 1 of the Chieftaincy Act, 1971 (Act 370) these Rules are made this 2nd day of June, 1972.

1. Election of Members of the National House of Chiefs.

(1)The members of the House shall be elected from each Region by the House of Chiefs of that Region.
(2)The Commissioner shall by notice published in the Local Government Bulletin summon a meeting of each Regional House Chiefs for the election of members to the House at such time and place as the Commissioner may specify in the notice.

2. Registrar to Notify Electoral Commissioner of Vacancies in the National House of Chiefs.

(1)Where a vacancy has occurred in the ofโ€ฆ

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