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Hire-Purchase Decree, 1974 🇬🇭

Coat of Arms
Republic of Ghana

The two hundred and ninety-second


of the parliament of the republic of ghana

Hire-Purchase Decree, 1974

  • Published by Government Gazette on 11 October 1974
  • Assented to on 4 October 1974
  • Commenced on 1 November 1974
IN pursuance of the National Redemption Council (Establishment) Proclamation, 1972, this Decree is hereby made:


1. Enforcement Conditional.

(1)Where goods are let under a hire-purchase agreement, or are sold under a conditional sale agreement, the owner or seller shall not be entitled to enforce the agreement unless—(a)the agreement is in writing and signed by the hirer or buyer and by or on behalf of all other parties to the agreement; and(b)the requirements of sections 2 to 4 are complied with.
(2)Where the owner or seller is not entitled to enforce an agreement—(a)he shall not be entitled to enforce any contract of guarantee relating to that agreement;(b)no security given by the hirer or buyer in respect of money paya…

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