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Industrial Training Fund Act 🇳🇬

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Industrial Training Fund Act

  • Published in Official Gazette supplement no. 51 on 14 October 1971
  • Assented to on 8 October 1971
  • Commenced on 8 October 1971
  • [Up to date as at 14 October 1971]
An Act to set up an Industrial Training Fund comprising sums provided by the Federal Government and contributions by employers in the prescribed matters and other related matters.

1. Establishment of Industrial Training Fund

There is hereby established a fund to be known as the Industrial Training Fund (in this Act referred to as "the Fund") into which shall be paid-(a)all contributions prescribed by this Act;(b)such sums as may be provided for that purpose by the Federal Government; and(c)funds provided by the Federal Government for the students Industrial Work Experience Scheme: Provided that such fund shall be channelled through the Federal Ministry of Industry.[1990 No. 44.]

2. Utilisation of the Fund

The Fund shall be utili sed to promote and encourage the acquisition of skills in industry or commerce w…

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