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Weights and Measures Act 🇳🇬

Coat of Arms

Weights and Measures Act

  • Published in Official Gazette supplement no. 50 on 10 October 1974
  • Commenced on 1 June 1975
  • [Up to date as at 31 December 2002]
An Act to repeal the Weights and Measures Act 1962 and re-enact that Act with additional provisions to facilitate the change-over to the metric system.

Part l – Units and standards of measurement

1. Units of measurement

(1)The metre shall be the unit of measurement of length and the kilogramme shall be the unit of measurement of mass by reference to which any measurement involving a measurement of length or mass shall be made in Nigeria.
(2)The First Schedule to this Act shall have effect for defining for the purposes of measurements falling to be made in Nigeria the units of measurement in that Schedule; and for the purposes of any measurement of weight falling to be so made, the weight of any thing may be expressed, by reference to the units of measurement set out in Part V of that Schedule, in the same terms as its mass.

2. Primary standard…

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