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Animal Diseases (Control) Act 🇳🇬

Coat of Arms

Animal Diseases (Control) Act

  • Commenced on 24 February 1998
  • [Up to date as at 31 December 2002]
  • [Note: The original publication document is not available and this content could not be verified.]
An Act to provide for the control and prevention of animal diseases, with the object of preventing the introduction and spread of infectious and contagious diseases among animals, hatcheries nad poultries in Nigeria.

1. Importation of animals, hatching eggs and poultry

(1)As from the commencement of this Act, the importation of any animal, hatching eggs or poultry into Nigeria from any other country by land, sea or air is prohibited except under a permit, in the form set out in the Fourth or Fifth Schedule to this Act, granted by the Director who in each case shall state the conditions under which the animal, hatching eggs or poultry may be imported.
(2)Any animal, hatching eggs or poultry imported by land, sea or air may be subjected to such examination, disinfection, inoculation and quarantine at t…

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