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Copyright Act 🇳🇬

Coat of Arms

Copyright Act

  • Commenced on 19 December 1988
  • [Up to date as at 31 December 2002]
  • [Note: The original publication document is not available and this content could not be verified.]
An Act to make provisions for the definition, protection, transfer, infringement of and remedy and penalty thereof of the copyright in literary work , musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, sound recordings, broadcast and other ancillary matters.

Part I – Copyright

1. Works eligible for copyright

(1)Subject to this section, the following shall be eligible for copyright-(a)literary works;(b)musical works;(c)artistic works;(d)cinematograph films;(e)sound recordings; and(f)broadcasts.
(2)A literary, musical or artistic work shall not be eligible for copyright unless-(a)sufficient effort has been expended on making the work to give it an original character;(b)the work has been fixed in any definite medium of expression now known or later to be developed, from which it can be perceived, reproduced or otherwis…

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