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(2015) JELR 107822 (HC)

High Court  •  SUIT NO. RPC/64613  •  29 Oct 2015  •  Ghana



J U D G M E N T 

Plaintiff herein commenced action against the defendant seeking  the following reliefs: 

a. Recovery of the sum of GH110, 000 from the defendant being  amount owed plaintiff by defendant on account of financial  assistance advanced to defendant by plaintiff. 

b. Interest on the aforementioned amount at the current bank  rate commencing from 1st October 2013 till date of final  payment 

c. Costs 

Plaintiff a business man alleges that on or about June 2013  defendant requested financial assistance of a total of GHS100, 000  from him to purchase some items for her business to be repaid  within a period of one week. That not having his own money he gave  defendant a friend’s money which he had in his possession and was to return to the friend after using same for his own business. That this was made known to defendant who undertook to pay back  GHS120,000 within a week. Defendant after receipt of the money  failed to pay back as agreed within a week. She rather gave him phot…

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