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Companies Income Tax Act, 1979 πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

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Companies Income Tax Act, 1979

  • Published in Official Gazette supplement no. 33 on 19 July 1979
  • Assented to on 12 July 1979
  • Commenced on 1 April 1977
  • [Up to date as at 31 December 2002]
An Act to consolidate the provisions of the Companies Income Tax Act 1961 and to make other provisions relating thereto.

Part I – [Repealed by 2007 No. 56, s. 2(1)]

Part II – Imposition of tax and profits chargeable

9. Charge of tax

(1)Subject to the provisions of this Act, the tax shall, for each year of assessment, be payable at the rate specified in subsection (1) of section 40 of this Act upon the profits of any company accruing in, derived from, brought into, or received in, Nigeria in respect of‐(a)any trade or business for whatever period of time such trade or business may have been carried on;(b)rent or any premium arising from a right granted to any other person for the use or occupation of any property; and where any payment on account of such a rent as is mentioned in this paragraph is made before the…

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