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The comprehensive database of case law from Ghana and Nigeria.

Gain seamless access to thousands of cases, statutes, and rules of court for only ₦2,500 or GH¢40 per month.

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judy.legal identifies the principles established in a given case and highlights the corresponding passages from whence the principles were derived.

Narrow down results by subject matter

View the critical subject of law discussed in a case such as tax law, criminal law, or maritime law. It enables effective search and filtering by subject matter.

Editorial Summaries

Synopsis of a few selected cases are carefully prepared by judy.legal's team of lawyers. By presenting the salient details in a case, judy.legal cuts down on time spent researching.

Summaries from other cases

judy.legal automatically mines and aggregates recaps of cases written by judges in their final judgments. This provides a multifaceted summary for any given case as seen through the eyes of the most important stakeholders: the judges.

Better legal research with judy.legal, Guaranteed.

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